Shadows of the North - SAMPLE

It's been a long time in the making, but this is the first in my series of ebooks, and is a vastly expanded accompaniment to my Shadows of the North exhibition.

Shadows of the North is a selection of images from the Mechanical Landscapes project. This particular selection, as befits the venue, is an exploration of the remains of the northern textile industry. In many areas of the North this industry dominated, both directly and indirectly, the landscape, the economy, the community and the social life of many towns and villages.

Although textile manufacturing has almost vanished from the UK, it's legacies can still be witnessed today in our urban landscapes, the ethnic make up of our communities, and the impressive Town Halls and Civic Centres of towns like Bolton, Accrington, and others.

But while some of the remaining textile mills and chimneys (such as where you are standing now) have been carefully restored and repurposed, many are stood quietly decaying, waiting for demolition or reuse. It is in this uncertain period that I have photographed these giants of our past.

The full book will be 70 pages, black and white.

19 page sample

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